Lenovo Legion Y740 15.6 Gaming Laptop Review

In recent years, we have seen a significant resurgence of gaming and smartphone makers in the gaming world. One of the world leaders is Lenovo, which launched the Legion series, a dedicated series for the gaming world. The Y740 series we tested, with a minimal emphasis on mobility, and a high emphasis on performance. In fact, it is one of the most advanced and powerful laptops available on the market today.
Design: Emphasize less on mobility
The Y740 Helanobo may come under the company's gaming brand, "Legion," but it doesn't scream at a gaming laptop in the distance. This is a computer that, in terms of size and weight, may well resemble a gaming laptop, but from a design standpoint, it looks like any other laptop and even with some drawbacks. On the sides of the computer, Lenovo was drained of connections except the USB connection on the right and Type-C and audio on the left. The full connections can be found on the back of the computer, and it comes with exactly what you need: 2 additional USB connections (3 total and one more Type-C connection), an Internet connection, HDMI and DisplayPort.
The computer comes in a relatively upscale design, with the Legion logo on the back of the screen with the letter O, Lenovo incorporating another signal and burrow, Y that marks the series of the computer. Blanovo used a lot of aluminum and very little use of plastic. One of the major drawbacks is the wide, slightly bulky frame of the screen, but the computer comes with a full keyboard luminous with LED lights. Another disadvantage of the keyboard is the claustrophobic mouse pad. This is a very small surface, which raises the question of what the poet intended. Does Lenovo refer to the computer as being used with an external mouse and keyboard anyway or deliberately neglecting the surface
The 740 in the configuration we tested does not emphasize perfect mobility and is not intended for that. He was born to be as mobile a workstation as possible. It features a 17-inch FullHD resolution and a maximum brightness of 300 rivets. It is not intended for watching Netflix or other uses, although it maintains high acuity, but mainly to work outdoors and under slightly challenging conditions. The screen has reflections, so it can work under direct sunlight, despite the maximum brightness of only 300 nits, which is a slightly low illumination intensity.
For video editors, gamers and those who need high performance
Lenovo's computer brings all the latest and most advanced hardware that can be found on a laptop. In fact, it's hard to believe that Blanovo has managed to put such rich and advanced specs into a computer body that is large and unusual in size, but still retains its mobility effect. It comes with a Core I7 quad-core processor from the ninth series, matched to 32 gigabytes of RAM. There is also no volume of storage on Lenovo's powerful computer, and inside you can find two drives: one SSB on one terabyte, the other on a standard two terabyte.
The computer includes a terra-sized SSD drive and a PCI-E connection, which actually allows it to run much faster than a standard SSD drive. A look at CrystalDiskMark software shows that the write speeds of the drive are 2327 MB per second, while the read speed is 3489 MB per second. Whether you are video editors who need quick access to particularly large files, or gamers who want to speed up the speed of gaming, these speeds are among the best to find today, so it's a great choice for both types of use.
The climax of the computer is reflected by the powerful graphics card RTX 2080. There are a few laptops on the market that offer such advanced hardware with a powerful emphasis. The video card will deliver the best performance available on laptops today, whether you are video editors or gamers. In fact, in a match of this specification, you will hardly find a game or software that will not work best.
If you work outside and build a long battery life, this may not be the computer for you, as the battery provides two hours of work, and even less if you work with heavyweight software such as editing or gaming software. Another advantage of a computer is the sound system that includes a subwoofer located at the bottom of the computer and provides particularly surprising audio quality.
No more laptop or anyone
The Y740 series is not for everyone. It is not intended for those who just "need" high performance or are looking for a long-term computer. If you are video editors or gamers who want the best specs, Lenovo's laptop seems to offer the best of all worlds: an advanced processor, a 32-gigabyte RAM, a one-terabyte SSD that delivers impressive performance and a powerful video card.