Lenovo Legion Y740 15.6 Gaming Laptop Review

In recent years, we have seen a significant resurgence of gaming and smartphone makers in the gaming world. One of the world leaders is Lenovo, which launched the Legion series, a dedicated series for the gaming world. The Y740 series...

המוצרים הכי חמים באיביי במגוון קטגוריות

ברוכים הבאים לאתר הקניות הגדול, הזול והנוח בישראל.
כאן תוכלו למצוא אלפי מוצרים בכל הקטגוריות החמות באיביי, אמזון, זיפי, ובנגוד.
מוצרי חשמל, מחשבים, גאדג'טים וטלפונים חכמים, ביגוד לכל המשפחה - לאישה, לגבר ולילדים.
מוצרים לבית ולמשרד,  תכשיטים ושעונים לגבר ולאישה,...

Smart Learning - teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets in post-compulsory education

  Smart Learning teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets in post-compulsory education   edited by Andrew Middleton     for the Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group and Sheffield Hallam University         Smart Learning — teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets in postcompulsory education edited by Andrew...

Addiction to smartphone games

Addiction to smartphone games
Using smartphone game components to create an
Johan Holmgren
June 8, 2016
Master’s Thesis in Interaction Technology and Design, 30 credits
Supervisor at UmU: Karin Fahlqvist
Supervisor at Compentus: Sebastian Wallius
Examiner: Thomas Mejtoft

Check your health, learn about cholesterol

You will know that just how healthy you are when you check your cholesterol on a regularly basis. You will also find that your doctor will break down that report so that you have several numbers and a...

Natural Remedies For Life

How to Find Information on Natural Remedies
Are you interested in using natural remedies to your advantage? If you are suffering from pain associated with a headache, toothache, or arthritis, you may be. Home remedies can also provide assistance...


Scrub the floor, not your skin – acne skin care
Are your breakouts intolerable you'd want to plunge your face on your pillow all day just to hide your face? Or, are you the type who'd scrub your face...


A Need of Willpower to Quit Smoking
Smokers do want to quit smoking and they are waiting for that auspicious day eagerly. But still quitting the smoking becomes impossible for them. They do try but again got caught in...


Age Defying Options For Men
With the ubiquitous cosmetics designed for women, who says men don’t need stuff like such? Covertly or not, men put some effort to make them look good. And staying young, too! As the common...

Healty Food

Foodborne Illnesses: Prevention for Healthy Eating
Eating healthy foods will help you to boost your immune system, but what if it’s the foods themselves making you sick? Foodborn illness can cause food poisoning and a variety of other more...